STC Chicago FAQ

What can STC Chicago offer me?
To name just a few…
…Have a network of colleagues and experts to call upon for advice or feedback, to learn about job opportunities, and to keep your finger on the pulse of the field.
…Expand your professional knowledge and skills through continuing education opportunities and technical sessions offered at the annual conference and through live webinars.
…Strengthen your value to current and potential employers or clients by using your network and professional opportunities to benefit the work you do for them.

How often do you meet?
STC Chicago offers Chapter meetings 10-11 months of each program year (our program year runs from July to June). Current and planned meetings and programs are posted on our website calendar.

What kind of programs/meetings do you offer?
Every month is something different. Our meetings, which last an average of two hours, have included featured speakers, panel discussions, social networking, hands-on learning, and more. We also offer one or two half- or full-day workshops each year. All monthly programs and special events are posted on our website.

How much do your meetings and programs cost?
Meeting costs vary, depending on the topic, the format, and the venue. Meetings can range from $5 to $25, and some are free. All meetings have special STC Chicago member pricing as well as student pricing.

Do I have to be a member of your Chapter to attend your programs?
No. All of our meetings are open to anyone interested in the field of technical communication. The cost for most meetings is higher for non-members.

What can I offer to STC Chicago?
We have a very diverse membership, touching all aspects of the field of technical communication. Every member brings their own unique experiences and expertise. By being an active member, you can help other tech comm professionals grow in their careers and personal knowledge. We also have a number of committees that help keep our Chapter running. We are always looking for people who are interested in helping out either on a regular basis or for one-time events.

How can I learn more about STC Chicago?
First, you can check out our Website ( There you will find pages that talk about our various standing committees, our Administrative Council, and our current and past meetings and announcements. You can access current and archived issues of our Chapter newsletter, Byline, and read all about our annual technical communications competition, and much more. If there’s something you want to know that you can’t find on the website, you can contact the current chapter president at

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