Competition Questions? We’ve Got Answers

When is the annual competition?

The Call for Entries for STC Chicago’s annual local competition usually gets sent out and posted in August or early September, with entry deadline in late October.

Who can enter?

The competition is open to STC members and non-members. In past years, we have received entries from members of other chapters, and we encourage our members to submit to other chapters’ competitions as well. We have also received entries from organizations in Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Oklahoma, California, England, France, and more.

What are the competition categories?

Informational Materials, Instructional Materials, Promotional Materials, and User Support Materials.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Absolutely! But if you can’t decide whether to categorize the website for “Joe’s Eats and Stays” as Informational Materials or Promotional Materials, then review the category descriptions (and maybe even the evaluation forms) and pick one. An entry can have only one category.

I haven’t finished my project yet. Can I submit the paperwork before the deadline and drop off the entry on the first day of judging?

No. That wouldn’t be fair to your friends, peers, and colleagues who have been working hard to finish, package, and ship their entries and paperwork by the deadline. Nor would it be fair to the Competition Committee members who need to balance entry sizes and types among the judging teams. All entries must have been completed and published by September 1 of the competition year.


More than three people contributed to the entry. Can I use a department name or group name for the contributor instead of individual names?

The submitter must be an individual—someone who takes personal responsibility for the entry. When ordering awards, you will have the option of ordering an award with multiple contributors, a department name, or organization name.

I am the submitter of the entry. Can I also be named as a contributor for the entry?

Yes, a submitter can also be a contributor.

I am submitting an entry. Can I also be a judge?

Yes, yes, yes! Just let us know in advance which entry or entries you submitted so we don’t ask you to judge your own.

Can I be a judge if I’m not a member of STC?

Yes! If you have experience in design, writing, editing, information architecture, training, content development, and the field of technical communication overall, then we would be delighted to talk with you about judging!

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