Judging for the 2017 STC Competition

Why should I be a judge for the STC Competition?

We are recruiting judges for the annual STC Chicago Technical Communication Competition.  Judges have a unique opportunity to review entries from different categories and industries. Entries can be websites, manuals, help documentation, newsletters, posters, etc. Past entries have come from industries as diverse as aerospace, manufacturing, agricultural, software, and medical associations. Reviewing such different work can be educational as well as inspiring. You also get to interact with other judges and benefit from their experience.

How does judging work?

Judges are placed in 3-member teams with a designated team lead.  The team members receive 3- 5 entries that must be reviewed over approximately a 6-week period.  Each judge reviews the entries using a 4-page form that highlights different elements of technical communication.  Responses are shared within the team and modified if necessary.  Once the judging team agrees on an award level for an entry, the team lead communicates with the judging coordinator.

Where do I sign up?
Click here to apply!

When will I get my entries?

Entries are distributed to the judges at the judging orientation on November 11, 2017.  The orientation will be held at the office of the CARA Group in Oakbrook. For those who cannot attend in person on November 11, there will be a GoTo Meeting session available, however you will still need to arrange to pick up your assigned entries on or before Nov. 11 (if you have been assigned to any physical entries).  We will return to CARA in early January, 2018 to return entries and complete any outstanding tasks (this date is subject to change).

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