Feb Webinar Series: Quiet Leadership: Influencing Change Without Being the Loudest Person in the Room

Our profession tends to attract introverts and quieter folks, who prefer to influence with their pens more than their voices. In fast-moving companies, it’s easy to feel like our point of view is getting trampled, disregarded, and forgotten by our non-content colleagues as they try to out-talk each other.

In this session, Stacey Gordon shares how to drive meaningful change and influence others without shouting into the maelstrom of loud voices. Stacey draws on her background as a content strategy manager at Google and Facebook, and her time as a consultant, to share strategies for socializing ideas, advocating for the right things, and implementing lasting change—without pushing ourselves too far out of our introvert comfort zones.

In this session you will learn

  • Self-acceptance as an introvert and a quiet leader
  • Using one-on-one relationships to advocate for a position
  • Being on the lookout for opportunities to insert yourself
  • Showing up without waiting for permission
  • Preserving your magic

Register Now!

Wednesday, February 9, 2022
12:00 – 12:55 pm CST

Cost: FREE to all

About the Speaker

Stacey King Gordon is a content strategy leader with 20+ years of experience creating user-focused digital experiences. She currently works as a UX content strategy manager at Google. She previously worked at Facebook, McKesson, and Silicon Valley Bank, and also ran the consultancy Suite Seven, which provided digital content strategy and brand communications for Microsoft, AT&T, Kay Jewelers, Autodesk, Salesforce, and other clients. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, teenager daughter, and black Lab puppy Winston.

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