Enter the Competition – 2022 Call for Entries

*** Submissions for 2022 will open in August ***

STC’s Chicago Chapter annual Technical Communication Competition has begun, and we need your entries.

Although this is a competition, each entry is evaluated on its own merit. Judges will provide detailed feedback on an assessment form. Some of the reasons to participate in the Technical Communication’s Competition are to

  • Establish professional standards for our work
  • Provide visibility for our profession
  • Recognize outstanding work effort of technical communication professionals

The categories for entries are

  • Training Materials
  • Informational Materials
  • Promotional Materials
  • User Support Materials

What can be entered?

Entries must:

  • Contain sufficient technical, scientific, medical, or similar content to qualify as technical communication
  • Have been produced or substantially revised within 24 months preceding September 1 of the current year
  • Have been originally prepared for and accepted for publication by a client, employer, or publisher

Submission Deadline

The submission and payment deadline is October 15, 2022 11:59pm CDT.


Entry Fees 

  • $50 for STC Chicago chapter members
  • $75 for other STC members
  • $25 for full-time students
  • $100 for non-STC members*

*Note to non-STC members: If you join STC in September or October of 2022, you’ll be able to take advantage of a pro-rated/discounted membership fee. In addition to all basic membership benefits, you’ll be eligible for member rates for the competition.

Choose Your Entry Type

*Note that payment is made online through PayPal but you do not need a PayPal account. When you click “Pay Now” above, you will be taken to the PayPal page where you can either log in to your account (or) you can choose “Pay with Debit or Credit Card.” PayPal currently accepts payment via American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Discover. When you pay, you will receive a receipt through email, which you can submit with your entries.

Where do I submit my entries?

Electronic Entries:
Electronic entries are preferred, but not required. Send electronic entries (files or links), along with one completed entry form, and a copy of your payment receipt (or a reference to your payment receipt number and payment amount) via email to competition@stc-chicago.com.

Physical Entries:
Each entry packet must include 4 copies of the application and 4 copies of your entry, and 1 copy of your payment receipt.

Ship your packet of physical entries to:

STC Chicago Competition


NOTE: There will be no International Summit Awards (ISA) competition in 2023. Therefore, winners of the 2022 STC Chicago Technical Communication Competition will not move on to any other competition.


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