February: Webinar — Microsoft Word… Love It, Don’t Leave It

2014_36-7_Lisa_miniWhether you love working in MS Word or reluctantly rely on it, the reality is that (nearly) everyone uses it in some capacity. Word on its own offers some pretty powerful capabilities that many seasoned Word users don’t even realize. Things that can really bullet-proof some of the things that likely drive you crazy.

What you also may not know is that regardless of XML and other tools, Word use across companies worldwide is still the most commonly used authoring tool. That’s why companies are still developing tools to make the Word experience better, more powerful, and more collaborative.

In this webinar, Lisa Pietrangeli (Managing Partner of ThirtySix Software, creator of SmartDocs) will show you some of the forgotten features, underused best practices, and supporting tools that can optimize Word. Your company already has Word…let’s get more out of it. And you don’t have to sacrifice easy styles, practical templates, document automation, efficient content reviews, and content management just because you’re working in Word. There are tools and methods that make all of this possible and even enjoyable. For those of you exploring tools, these Word-based solutions are definitively less expensive, more accessible, and infinitely more scalable than XML/DITA based solutions. Not to mention that every other department writing content – sales proposal writers, policy and procedure writers, regulatory, HR, marketing, etc. – should have access to all these powerful tools, too. We can all agree that these types of writers in most companies will likely never be comfortable with an XML editor.

In short, you’re not “old fashioned” because you are a Word author. In fact, you have the chance to be rather fashionable in Word. Let’s explore opportunities for process improvements, collaboration, and having FULL control of your Word content company-wide.

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February 24 
7:00 pm

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Lisa Pietrangeli is a Managing Partner and Executive Director at ThirtySix Software. At ThirtySix, Lisa specializes in working with customers to develop customized content development strategies. Lisa brings over 15 years of experience to ThirtySix, having worked extensively with companies around the world, helping them to streamline their content development and localization processes.

On the STC Society level, Lisa has participated as an individual by providing presentations, workshops, and progression sessions at Summit since 2010. Lisa has also provided educational webinars that the Society offers as a membership benefit and has taught certificate courses for the past 3 years. As a business owner, Lisa’s company has participated in Summit as a sponsor and exhibitor since 2010.

With her local STC Rochester, NY chapter, Lisa served on council as VP, Member-at Large, and before that as a Spectrum conference committee member. As M-at-L, Lisa was honored with the Rookie of the Year award for having an integral role in bringing a record number of sponsors to the Spectrum conference and for organizing several of the programs offered that year.

Experience aside, it’s Lisa’s profound ability to listen and understand needs then apply her analytical skills to develop a strategy that will lead to the desired results. She not only recognizes the importance of a strategy but also knows that with any plan comes the unexpected. Her ability to efficiently and intelligently react to new requirements, changing resources, and other obstacles, make her so adept at keeping projects on track.


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