Administrative Council

The Administrative Council for 2020-21

For more information about these positions, see the STC Chicago Officer and Committee Manager Handbook.

President: Pete Wagner

The president represents and leads the Chapter by acting as its head administrator. In addition to presiding at and leading Council and Chapter meetings, they lead the other elected officers in completing activities, projects, and their various duties. They also appoint committee managers and help guide each committee toward its goals.

Other responsibilities of the president include working with STC leaders, promoting the Chicago Chapter within the STC and to other professional organizations, attending the yearly STC Summit, producing monthly status reports, and writing the president’s column (and other articles if needed) for Byline.

Vice President: Ben Durham

The year following his or her election, the vice president will become the president. In addition to helping lead the Chapter and working with officers to complete activities and projects, they are expected to assume the president’s duties should they be absent or otherwise unable to fulfill them. The vice president must also communicate regularly with the president to ensure the smooth running of the Chapter.

The vice president’s other responsibilities include helping the president select Chapter award recipients, attending the yearly STC Summit, managing a specific Chapter committee or project, producing monthly status reports, writing Byline articles as needed, and beginning to plan for when they become president.

Immediate Past President (IPP): Rita Hovorka

The IPP is expected to lend their experience in the successful running of the Chapter, including acting as adviser to the president and other Council members. Their other responsibilities include managing a specific Chapter committee or project and producing monthly status reports.

Treasurer: Francis Bao

The treasurer plans and manages the Chapter’s financial records and accounts. Their duties include managing Chapter bank accounts, billing vendors, maintaining tax exempt status, preparing budges, preparing income and expense reports, filing tax forms, paying speakers, and reimbursing charges incurred by other officers or members. The treasurer must also keep checking account signature cards up to date, pay deposits and fees for Chapter meetings and events, collect money and deposit it, and hold the Chapter checkbook and credit card.

Secretary: Dan Dornbrook

The secretary is responsible for maintaining documents for the Administrative Council, including e-mail reminders, meeting minutes, and meeting agendas. They must also publish any changes or corrections to minutes, as well as ensure the STC office has correct information about Administrative Council members.

Nominating Committee: Ben Durham, Michael Burke, and TBA

The Nominating Committee members are the current vice president, immediate past president, and one additional member appointed by the current president. The committee manager is appointed by the president. Committee members’ responsibilities include selecting Administrative Council candidates (with input from Chapter officers and members), preparing the ballot, explaining office responsibilities to each nominee, and assigning Tellers Committee to count election votes. 

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