Distinguished Chapter Service Award Recipients

The Society initiated the Distinguished Chapter Service Award (DCSA) program in 1988 for the purpose of acknowledging the work of those chapter members who repeatedly and consistently provide exemplary service to the Society through chapter activities.

The following STC Chicago members have received the DCSA:

Sian Mehl, 2024
Pete Wagner, 2019
Donna Templeton, 2018
Josée Martins, 2017
John Hartigan, 2016
Cheri Noble, 2015
Cynthia Laughlin, 2014
Donna Wampach, 2014
Elizabeth Burke, 2013
Adam Evans, 2013
MaryKay Grueneberg, 2012
Francis Bao, 2011
Beth Najberg, 2011
W. Kelly Oja, 2011
Linda Jansak, 2010
Jim Jones, 2009
Dan Dornbrook, 2005
Malcolm Culbertson, 2005
Chris Hester, 2004
Michael Keith Anderson, 2002
Rebecca C. Hall, 2002
Janet Kaczkowski, 2001
Linda Kelley, 2001
Peggy Malecki, 2001
Jacqueline Napier, 2001
M. David Orr, 2001
Ellen M. Smatlak, 2001
Elizabeth L. Valdes, 2001
Christine Abbott, 2000
Susan G. Feinberg, 2000
Joseph P. Gannon, 2000
Mary Ryba Knepper, 2000
Suzanne D. Williams, 2000
Lynne Williamson, 2000
Barbara Ellis, 1998
Doug Florzak, 1998
Elizabeth Hennessey, 1998
James R. Jacoby, 1998
Anna Miller, 1998
Carol J. Slott, 1998
Daniel P. Nolan, 1997
Catherine A. Kolecki, 1997
Thomas A. Reed, 1997
Mary C. Greeley, 1997
Rebekah L. Harris, 1997
Patrick G. Morrison, 1996
Betsy M. Maaks, 1996
J. Lee Wakefield, 1996
Joy Mason, 1996
Elsie L. Norberg, 1996
Lanora S. Mueller, 1996
Candace C. Frawley, 1995>
Donna L. Roberts-Luttrell, 1995
Mary T. Menz, 1994
Barbara A. Simmons, 1994

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