Robert G. Frank Award Recipients

A Robert G. Frank Award recipient usually has been a member of STC Chicago for ten years or more and has played an active role for all or most of these years. Robert Frank was a dedicated leader of the chapter who worked beyond reasonable expectations to make it successful. Much of his professional life was spent in support of the long-term success of STC Chicago. The Robert G. Frank Award is intended to honor Robert Frank by recognizing STC members who characterize the dedication he displayed. The award is determined by a special committee made up of previous Frank Award recipients.

Pete Wagner, 2020
Elizabeth L. Burke, 2019
Andi Dunn, 2018
John Hartigan, 2017
Cheri Gerlach, 2016
MaryKay Grueneberg, 2015
Beth Lisberg Najberg, 2014
Francis Bao, 2013
Linda Jansak, 2012
Linda Kelley, 2012
Dan Dornbrook, 2011
Chris Hester, 2011
Rebecca (Becky) Hall, 2009
Anna Miller, 2008
Dr. Mary Ryba Knepper, 2008
Christine Abbott, 2007
Betsy Maaks, 2006
Russ Friend, 2005
Daniel L. Brantley, 2004
Doug Florzak, 2002
Joy Mason, 2000
Thomas Reed, 1998
Candace C. Frawley (Massella-Richardson), 1997
Reneè C. Anderson, 1996
Donna Robert-Luttrell, 1995
Mary Menz, 1994
Barbara Simmons, 1994
Norman P. Boyer, 1988
Susan B. Fudge, 1986
Joan R. Abern, 1985
William D. Leavitt, 1984
Carol Jean Carlson, 1983
Don E. Bissell, 1982
Elsie Norberg, 1981
Rick Roguski, 1980
Max Weber, 1979
Dorothy Saxner Johnson, 1978
Susan Briles Kniebes, 1977
Ernestine and Rosalie Kohn, 1976
Kenneth J. Cook, Jr., 1975
Robert Ellis, 1974

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