Sept.: Do Humans Dream of Electric Sheep?

Join us on September 20 and see how DIGITAL INFO IS POISED TO CHANGE THE WORLD!

With the advent of smart devices and cloud synchronization services, the dividing line between the physical world and online information is blurring. Eventually, people will no longer choose what information needs to be available to them at all times, but simply assume all information is available. And in the not-as-distant-as-you-think future, people will be connected online constantly and will expect the same for any information they seek.

Today, companies are barely coping with the disruption of the digital transformation of paper and can’t even begin to imagine what this new world looks like for information consumption. In the future, publications will not have page counts. They will not be confined to any single format, device, or language, and accessibility will be determined by the customer, not the publisher. Words will become less relevant than video or interactive diagrams. With technologies like GPS, voice recognition, and NFC becoming increasingly standard, information will filter intelligently without input from consumer to even reinvent search, based on the volume of contextual information our smart devices can relay.

Competitive companies will embrace this change and use the vast amount of information, sometimes called Big Data, generated by their customers to help determine what information is delivered, creating a symbiotic feedback loop that benefits consumers with perfectly relevant information and companies with happy and loyal customers. So what does this look like and how do companies prepare for this future today? First, XML is the foundational content format required to achieve this vision. To prepare, companies must separate form from content if they want to keep pace with these emerging changes, and XML enables that. Additionally, the structure facilitates the metadata needed to support the smarter filtering capabilities from emerging technology. Second, content management is necessary to control this rapid explosion of this structured content. Without processes and tools in place to effectively manage this content, companies will not be able to scale to meet these increased customer demands. Finally, the delivery of this content has to be monitored and analyzed to grow the customer usage information into Big Data to intelligently tailor the content required to increase brand loyalty.

This meeting will be held on September 20 in a private room at the Ram Restaurant & Brewhouse in Rosemont (just up the street from the 2012 STC Summit). The cost for STC members is only $20, students $10, and not-yet-members $30, which includes networking, a fantastic presentation, and your choice of non-alcoholic beverage and an appetizer buffet, including salad. Full meals and alcoholic beverages will be available for purchase, if you prefer.

About our speaker: Andrew Thomas is the Director of Product Marketing for Structured Content Technologies at SDL. Mr. Thomas has worked with XML for a wide variety of content, from marketing materials, to printed manuals and web applications. He’s witnessed firsthand, the diversity of structured content and how it can empower businesses and customer engagement. Before joining SDL, Mr. Thomas was a language intelligence solutions manager for Adobe Systems and oversaw the translation process for their DITA content.

As always, there will be time for networking before and after the speaker presentation. Registration/check-in begins at 6:30pm and the presentation begins at 7:00pm.

Register now to join us.

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