STC Chicago Receives Honors

STC Chicago received two special awards at the Honors Banquet during this year’s STC Summit in Sacramento. The first award is a Community Achievement Award (CAA) of Community of Distinction for 2010. This is the highest level of CAA that is awarded by STC to Chapters or SIGs. This marks the fourth year we have received this award level; we earned Distinction awards for 2006, 2007, 2008, and we received a Community of Excellence award for 2009. The annual Community Achievement Awards program run by the Society is meant to “recognize, in a visible and meaningful manner, communities that demonstrate outstanding, innovative, and sustained performance in advancing the goals of the Society.” Our notification email from the Society stated, “As one of the most consistent and active communities in the CAA process, your community had another year filled with many activities. The CAAEC hopes that your community will continue to aspire to a high level with a set of impressive initiatives and activities next year.”

Our award citation read, “For continued excellence in member services, an outstanding e-Learning & TechnologyShowcase, and a camaraderie that is ‘priceless’.”

STC Chicago was also named Community of the Year. This is a new Society level award. Each Chapter or SIG that earned the CAA level of Distinction was eligible for this award. STC Chicago was awarded the Community of the Year for having the highest number of application points among the CAA Distinction winners.

Congratulations to the 2010-11 Administrative Council, committee managers, volunteers, and the entire membership of STC Chicago!

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